New online action RPG for PC announced by LINE Games called The Vanshee looks unreal and seems to be pushing the visual and action combat to it’s limits

LINE Games, the publisher of titles such as Exos Heroes and Royal Crown for the global market, today held its “Play Game” media event in South Korea to announce some upcoming titles with “The Vanshee” being one of them. Developed by Korean studio Pixel Cruise, it’s a new online action RPG for PC/Steam with the plot of The Vanshee telling us about an Earth that’s based in the future, destroyed by an alien civilization. In the world of the game, not only are there magic and extraterrestrial technologies in this world, but also humanity’s own technologies play a part in the narrative. The project is focused on PvE and offers a dynamic combat system with various combos, evasions, and the ability to use the terrain.

Built with Unreal Engine 4 with photorealistic graphics, The Vanshee showcases high-impact combo-based actions that feel like a CGI cutscene. From what revealed, there will be no set class, and players will build their own characters by crafting and enhancing weapons to personalize one’s combat style. Not sure if there’s character creation in the traditional sense so let’s hope there is one. The Vanshee will be available first via Steam Early Access within this year.

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