Alright, we’re back with another showcase of what I think is a hidden gem. This time, we’re highlighting Sol Invictus, an fighting game isekai!


A girl dies and reincarnates in the story mode of the last fighting game she played– as a low-tier character named “Adramelekh”. She has the unbelievable chance of living a second life as royalty. Unfortunately for her, in the story-mode plot, Adramelekh is doomed to be killed. She doesn’t know when or how but her only choice is to stop being lazy, train, and become stronger than the people who will try to kill her.

It’s funny, I remember seeing the main character Adramelekh as art on Twitter and was instantly captivated by her design, so it’s amazing that I literally stumbled upon the webtoon. The story so far is pretty interesting. I don’t recall an isekai that’s based in a fighting game before, but it works if you’re a fan of that genre. The visuals are great and I really enjoy the humor of this webtoon! It’ll be interesting to also see how Adramelekh will prevent her death in the series! I have hopes for this comic. You can read the webtoon here!

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