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How Amazon’s Invincible Destroyed Amber With One Single Episode! They Changed Her Race Just To Lowkey Stereotype Her! Crazy!

I had to talk about this as I always felt off about Amber’s character throughout the show and episode 7 of Amazon’s Invincible really just destroyed her character in its entirety!

Here’s the irony of all of this, the changed the race of Amber (originally White), made her unreasonable sometimes, impatient & masculine in her energy all just perpetuate the strong independent, slightly angry Black woman. And not doing it right. Regardless, she was kinda OK, and for the most part, I was on her side, trying to see things from her point of view. She didn’t know Mark was a SuperHero, all she knew was a guy who kept flaking on her. Understandable! However, that all changed in episode seven, where we learn that she knew all along about Mark’s secret identity. She knew, and more importantly SAW Mark get his ass handed to him, facing death, and still had the audacity to be mad at Mark for NOT revealing his secret identity to her sooner! You can’t make this up!

Think about this, the writers of Invincible really made Amber black for diversity, yet portrayed her as the angry black GF that’s likely disposable so the fans could hate her and want Mark to end up with Eve! I mean I was expecting him to end up with Eve anyways but man, it ain’t looking good out here! To show you the sharp contrast with comic Amber, in the comics, Mark was able to have a heart-to-heart moment with Amber, explaining his side of the story, but more importantly, Amber allowing him to do so. This made that moment a lot better, even though comic Amber was basically boring herself. Why they decided to make Amber from the tv show have such an attitude is beyond me. This was a cautious decision, which fans have voiced out.

Honestly, the other reason why I decided to talk about this, was how fans are split on her. Anyone that criticizes her is met with the accusation of being racist towards Amber, regardless of their skin. Look at it from their point of view. Here we have a prominent Black woman in a popular animation that they could “relate with”, who seems to be the main interest of the main characters, now being called trash online! Essentially, they have projected themselves on her and now kind of feeling attacked. It’s illogical but hey, we saw how Naruto fans defended Sakura swearing that she isn’t useless. I wanna say that she can still be saved but man, the fact that she knew, and still treating Mark like that left a sour taste.

What do you guys think?

One thought on “How Amazon’s Invincible Destroyed Amber With One Single Episode! They Changed Her Race Just To Lowkey Stereotype Her! Crazy!

  1. Yep, steam is coming out of my ears after that.
    Up to that point, Amber’s reactions seemed normal and believable. It’s even a common trope that happens all the time with characters like Spider Man and Batman. So it was fine to me. Then he does the reveal and she either accepts it or doesn’t.
    Except they did the other thing and cucked Mark. He even catches flak from Eve for it. It’s Mark’s secret to reveal and Amber knowing about it and acting like she had a right to know without giving him a chance to explain just makes her look like an entitled bigot. That “my way or the highway” attitude drives me nuts and it usually leads to toxic relationships.
    Mark did nothing wrong. You can’t just drop a secret like that unless you absolutely know someone is completely trustworthy. In fact he showed GOOD judgement keeping the secret that long. If Amber can’t handle that, it’s her problem.
    Mark just needs to find someone more understanding and accepting.

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