CyberPunk 2077 set an expectation that it did not deliver, we can all agree on that! It was an ambitious game that was bound to face obstacles along the way, however, regardless of that fact, the fact of the matter is when the consumers received their copy of the game, it was not finished. Paweł Sasko, CD Projekt Red’s lead quest designer decided to explain what happened with Cyberpunk 2077 AND the difficulties they face during game development!

I couldn’t find the direct source from where this clip came from, but I assume this must have been during a Livestream, nevertheless, the information in this clip is just as important:

I’m going to be honest here, I understand fully the difficulty and the immense level of talent it takes to create a living breathing open-world experience. I also understand to some degree where Paweł was coming from with how the game was reported, yet that does not change the fact that they themselves shot their own foot! No one told them to oversell the game, no one told them to reveal a game so early only to realize that they’d need to scale it down. No one told them to try and bring the game to last-gen, knowing that those game consoles wouldn’t have the capacity to really bring it to life.

I’m sorry to say but this gaming development is a business at the end of the day! You created a product, advertised it in a certain way and when it was purchased, it did not live up to that expectation. It honestly sounds like they wanted us to wait a year to see how the game will turn out or give them a pass which is unacceptable. All I can say is that I hope they’ve not only humbled themselves but more importantly, have learned from this experience! If you ask me, they kinda got off easy with the refunds, given their goodwill they’ve accumulated, but that won’t work again.

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