Would you let an A.I. play your games for you? Sony thinks you might as it patents an A.I. that will play your games for you! Trophy/achievement frauds are about to run rampant!

According to VGC:

In a recent patent application, spotted by SegmentNext, which describes the feature as an ‘automated artificial intelligence control mode for playing specific tasks during gaming applications’.

According to the patent, the method involves assigning a default AI profile to the player, which starts off with a generic set of behaviours.

As the player plays a game multiple times, the AI will study their behaviour and apply it to the AI profile, meaning over time it will start to make similar decisions to the player.

The idea is to eventually end up with an AI profile that plays similarly to the player, who will have the option to let the AI take over and play the game on their behalf.

Hears the thing, having AI that can learn how you play would be dope in a situation where you send your ghost online to face other people. Think AFK Arena but for console games. Have the AI grind those tedious and miscellaneous tasks for you so that you don’t have to! I know a lot of gamers are probably scratching their heads asking themselves “why”! I get it, if we let our A.I. play for us, it might as well be a movie or a YouTube video but try to look at it from a different point. It could hold some promises benefits like time management!

Now, I’ll admit that having an A.I. do the more challenging aspect in a game that comes with a trophy/achievement is kinda cheating, but I feel like most people simply don’t care anymore about that kind of stuff.

What do you guys think?

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