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Ultra Age: High-Speed Change Action KOREAN Game

Ultra Age, developed by Korean publisher INTRAGAMES and developers Next Stage and Visual Dart is a high-speed action roguelike game with some sweet ass combat. It somehow flew under my radar, but then again I’m a one-man show and am bound to miss something from time to time.

Reminiscent to other games like Final Fantasy 15 & DmC in terms of gameplay, the game is a fluid, action-packed game where you face off against all the crazy boss monsters in a rouge-like setting. Its unique selling point seems to be its linkage combo mechanic when changing blades. In fact, Ultra Age is encouraging you to do so, rewarding you for your skills.

There’s not much else about the game. It was first revealed in 2018 and 2019 at EGX, but has since faded from the minds of the public. However, from the reception of people who’ve played it, they seem to like it. And it looks cool so I wanted to highlight it for you guys.

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