Indie games man, the best thing to happen in gaming. So many people are able to come and create dope new games you otherwise wouldn’t get in this space. Today, I want to highlight Morbid Metal, a 3rd person, dark sci-fi, action roguelike, where players can shapeshift unique characters to slaughter enemies with powerful combos.

Now there isn’t much information regarding this game other than the fact that it’s made by one person, which that alone is impressive. I just like the concept of a shape-shifting character, and the design for the main hero looks dope. Honestly, it reminds me of Isshiki from Boruto (my weebs know what I’m talking about). It seems the game will have up to four characters to shift from, opening a plethora of combo opportunities.

From the showcase below, a lot of it is basically alpha and placeholder, but it shows promise so I’m looking forward to seeing more from the creator. You can follow the creator on his Twitter account for updates.

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