I’m going o be honest here! I legit wrote off Amazon’s Invincible solely because it looked generic to me. A wannabe Superman, and a knock-off Justice League? Nah! However, I decided to give it a chance and after what happened in the last part of episode 1, I got hooked!

The premise is simple enough, Mark Grayson is a normal teenager, whose father, Nolan, is the most powerful superhero on the planet. Naturally, he strives to be like him and after finally unlocking his powers, begins his training as a superhero! Sounds simple enough, but there’s more to this Canadian-American adult animated superhero streaming television series than meets the eye. If you stick with just episode 1 all the way to the end you’ll see what I mean.

I’m sure for those who knew about the comic series, this is nothing new to them, but for me, yeah it caught me off guard. It started out relatively generic you know, shows starts out by showing us the typical hero stuff we’ve come to know, however by the end of the first episode the tone shift drastically. It begins to show us the ugly side of the hero business, aspect we don’t usually think about. If you’ve seen “The Boys” then you’ll honestly be in for a treat. The animation isn’t anything to write home about, but what holds this series together is the amazing voice acting bringing the characters to life.

Mark, the lead character in the shows is likable, to be honest. He’s your typical confused teenager learning about responsibility, to his family, friends, and Earth itself. Not to mention what it truly means to be a hero in their world. I’m not going to go too deep here as I actually am trying to avoid spoiling anything but this series is definitely worth the work, especially for the hyper-violence. I mean damm, they really don’t shy aware from that, at all! The standard American touchy moments are there, but the brutal aspects are what really takes the cake. It’s another what-if scenario using the Justice League aesthetic, but makes it work somehow, especially with Mark’s dad Nolan aka “Omni-Man” and his backstory!

Overall, it’s worth the watch. I’m interested to see how they’ll handle this series, hopefully it won’t end predictably!

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