Endeavor’s Cross is an interesting find that I came across on the internet. A relatively new manga/manhwa, it’s reminiscent of other works like Naruto and My Hero Academia, in which a kid lacking the means to realize his goal, is given a chance by a powerful being! If you’re into those types of stories, then keep reading!

Endeavor’s Cross revolves around a kid named Taewon who due to his linage, is unable to manifest and control his Soul Fire. Taewon’s goal is to become a priest. He gets bullied for it but despite the clear lack of power and disadvantage, never gives up and keeps trying. I’m sure you’re starting to see the similarities. However, that’s where I feel the similarities end.

You see, in a couple of chapters, he actually somewhat accomplishes his goal and becomes a priest. However, he soon learns that there’s a whole another world of power level out there that h wasn’t aware of, and after getting a taste of it, he now wants more power. So unlike Naruto and Deku, who seek power to protect people, I’m getting the vibe that Taewon will say that he wants power to protect but is actually power-hungry deep down, which is a nice twist. The reason why I say this is because, in the seventh chapter, he makes a bet to his bully that if he wins, he gets his Soul Fire, and given how important that power is in this world, that’s not something I’d imagine Deku or Naruto ever doing in their own world.

The art is alright you know, nothing too spectacular or anything. And given that it’s in colour, I can forgive some of it’s rougher panels.

So far, I’ve enjoyed it. It’s going to get compared to Naruto and My Hero a lot but I feel like it may take us in a different direction if I’m not mistaken. There’s no official English translation yet but I’m sure you know how to get around these cyber streets. It’s definitely worth checking out at least.

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