Aye, listen! Thanos may have had a point. So I just saw Knuckles trend on Twitter and thought “oh snap, first look of Knuckles The Echidna from the Sonic movie”. Nope, just someone somehow “fixing” another artist art!

Look, I’m not going to dwell too long on this topic! The picture here is self explanatory:

Yep, an artist drew the anthropomorphic characters in human form, and some random Twitter user claimed that they “fixed” the art by turning Knuckles black! You know, I’m not sure who to blame here. The icing on the cake here is that it’s a white person doing this, but you know the Black community will catch the most heat for this. The main talking being that the Twitter user not only “fixed” the art but discredited the original creator too.

Come on, is this really the hill some people wanna die on? We gotta do better. Yeah, I know that sometimes Knuckles is non-canonically associated with being Black, like Piccolo from Dragon Ball but no one actually took it seriously.

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