The age old question, GODZILLA VS. KONG, would would win or should win? I have my pick but I feel like they’re going to pull a plot device for this fight and I ain’t talking about metal clones here!

If you ask me, I will always say Godzilla! From all standpoint, a radioactive, walking nuclear bomb should best a giant monkey with a stick, however, given the hints we’ve seen in the trailer, my bet is that the directors of GODZILLA VS. KONG have written in a way in which Kong gets a power boost to compete with Godzilla!

In the final trailer for GODZILLA VS. KONG, we see Kong surrendered by glowing debris, likely from outta space! It’s possible that Kong’s makeshift axe is made out of those rocks and is able to not only inflict harm to Godzilla but siphon some of his nuclear attacks, further making it power powerful. I’m also thinking that these mysterious rocks, also give Godzilla some buff too, however, that’s just me speculating that that point. In my opinion, seeing what Kong and Godzilla can in terms of powers, Godzilla should in theory take the win if he’s not nerfed to oblivion. The argument that Kong has opposable thumbs and a fist is not enough for me to just hand over the win to Kong, yet with how the trailer is clearly painting Kong as the hero, it stands to reason that Kong will somehow manage to hold his own. Truthfully, I don’t see any way for Kong to win otherwise, Godzilla is a walking bomb and in my opinion, we haven’t seen Godzilla really let loose.

Funny enough, if Kong does somehow come out on top, it can be said that he only won because of that axe and those magical rocks, otherwise Godzilla takes it.

Anyways, I’m siding with the guy that has “GOD” in his name because come on, what’s a King to a God huh? Let me know who you have for this fight and why? I’d like to hear what other people think about the upcoming fight!

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