After years of hearing about a Snyder cut version of the Justice League, loyal fans finally were rewarded for the conviction, patience, and support over the years, and they were not disappointed!

All over Twitter, fans can be seen cheering and praising the Snyder cut version, from calling it a masterpiece to saying that it’s at least coherent and faithful to the DC source material. I remember hearing how Warner Bros. shouldn’t release such a cut to fans, as it would fuel their “toxic” behavior even more, but seeing how these fans are so happy that a cut did the Justice League right, illustrates that sometimes just giving the fan what they want never fails.

The biggest praise that seems to come from Zack Snyder’s cut is Wonder Woman’s depiction. From all accounts, she seems to have been done justice, many saying that her depiction of kindness yet brutality when the time called for it, was amazing. After that, the next part, and quite frankly comes in a tie with Wonder Woman’s depiction was the interaction between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Jared Leto’s Joker! Fans praised how Snyder’s cut handles Leto’s Joker and his interaction and philosophical discussion with Batman was gratifying. Outside of that, the movie has a completely different tone from Joss Whedon’s cut, essentially confirming its all-new experience.

Overall, I’m happy for DC fans! They asked for this version and apparently it delivered in spades. If there’s one thing to take away from the Snyder cut, is that sometimes, giving the fans what they want and staying true to the source material pays in the long run!

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