Ever since J.K. Rowling made her opinions known to the world, there’s been a heavy cloud hovering over anything related or connected to her. And now, we’re seeing it in full force when it comes to Hogwarts Legacy!

Over the week, I noticed a lot of articles come out that one of the lead directors of Hogwarts Legacy used to, keyword here, used to run an anti-feminist, anti-SJW channel three years ago! This type of thing isn’t new. In every industry, studio and company you’ll find individuals with all types of opinions. And sometimes, some unsavory ones. I’m not defending or condoning whatever content this guy made in the past, what I’m here to highlight is how this case was used to continue to smear Hogwarts Legacy’s name all in an effort to damage any chances for the game’s success. At this point, you have to ask yourself, “will the reviews for this game be genuine at this point?” And this in turn will lead to more tension which I once talked about here! We need to cultivate an environment where all ideas and be expressed and more importantly, challenged so that they don’t manifest into something ugly.

Many people online, especially on Twitter have latched on to this news and have used it as a smear campaign to “stick it” to J.K Rowling, and honestly, that’s kinda sad seeing as there’s an array of people working on this game with many opinions and believes, but all coming together to share a passion for making games, but it is what it is! Look, if you truly believe that everyone working at your establishment shares the same political opinion as you then you’re more delusional than you realise! We live in a complex world, and trying to solve with a simple solution will not work. It happens, and I’ve sampled some of this guy’s video and it’s tame at best. He challenges the rhetorics of SJW and Feminsism on his channel, and to be fair, those two are fair game to scrutiny, like anything else in this world. I’m just talking about this because, if this carries on, many having an opinion outside the norm (which does not argue for harming anyone) could be vilified. How about we wait and see how Hogwarts will turn out as a game!

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