Netflix announced that Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog is getting a new 3D animated series titled Sonic Prime which will premiere worldwide on the streaming service in 2022. WildBrain Ltd.’s Vancouver studio will animate 24 episodes. So what can we expect?

All we know from what was revealed is that Sonic’s adventure will take the blue blur in a “strange new multiverse.” Sonic will set out to save the universe while having his own journey of self-discovery and redemption. Now, I’m not sure about this redemption thing, however, it does sound pretty cool, more on a serious tone from the sounds of things. However, what got me hyped is the whole multiverse stick! It’s an endless opportunity to tie in the games, comics, and movie stuff all into one crazy adventure, that’s if they wanted to go in that direction.

There’s so much to speculate but ultimately I’m just glad that this series will all CGI, hopefully on the same quality as the Unleashed intro. If we can get that, then it’s going to be awesome.

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