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The Call To “Retire” Marvel’s Punisher Because The Proud Boys & Capitol Rioters Used His Icon Is Asinine!

I’ve seen so many people online discuss the idea to “retire” the Marvel character Punisher because members of the Proud Boys and the Capitol Rioters used his logo during their terrorist attack on the Captial state. I have to say that that discussion is void of any logical sense it’s borderline insane that people are actually considering it.

So it has been reported that many members of the proud boys wore the Punisher’s logo on their shirts, effectively making it their signal of some sort, and people are calling for the cancellation of an entire character because of it. Do you understand just how stupid that sounds? It’s devoid of any sort of logic what’s so ever! The reason why I decided to challenge this idea is that it could lead to even more stupidity down the line if Marvel actually listens to their DEMAND. Not only will it do nothing, but if the Proud Boys thought they have lost their icon, they could just find another character from Dc or Marvel that represents them. Will they cry for the cancellation of Superman if they decide to use him? Or how about Batman? I mean, they addressed this in a recent issue so, even Marvel is making it clear that they’ve got nothing to do with them.

I’m not even a fan of Punisher like that, but the idea of removing a character just because one group has taken a fondest to them is not the answer. By doing that, we could be opening up a Pandora box that might have consequences in the long run. I get we want to fight the proud boys, and I’m all for that fight, but this is not the way.

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