So are we starting 2021 like this huh? I mean, it’s kinda funny that people are so adamant on controlling how certain things are artistically represented, and yet it never stops people from making what they want (most of the time). Seriously, we know that women come in all shapes and sizes right? So why is it that beautiful or sexy women are now such a taboo in media when shirtless dudes with overexaggerated bodies are fine?

Every time a game shows fairly attractive women, with a voluptuous bust the internet loses its mind. It happens steadily in video games and movies, and it’s getting relentless. I’m often confused by this, especially when I see people, especially women promote and encourage things like Onlyfans and sexy cosplays. When we have things like Cadi B’s WAP and fight for sex workers being seen as a legitimate business, you’d think fake anime titties would be such an issue, yet here we are. I’m not going to lie, I really had no interest in talking about this at all! Really! I was just about to scrap this whole blog and find something else to talk about. Then I changed my mind for one simple reason, if we don’t talk about this or challenge the clear outrages censorship, then they kinda win. Also, the studio has also said no to these group and I wanted to highlight this as it’s important to stand against some mobs online

Look, yes! The boobs in Sense are ludicrous, comical even but it’s how the creators wanted to make them. The creators aren’t forcing you to buy their games, yet some people are willing to die on their hill fighting to have them censored. And it’s more concerning how these mobs have resulted in outright lying and manipulate the truth while threatening to review-bomb the game if a game that they had no intention of playing. If that isn’t insanity then I don’t know what it anymore. Good on them for standing up, I won’t play the game but at least they aren’t given up their artistic choice. So ironic that once upon a time, we complained about how a women’s body is controlled by men and women, and now it’s vice versa from the mob who are trying to be on the moral high ground!

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