There’s something I’ve been meaning to discuss. It’s not a common opinion but that’s what I do best. I wanted to talk about China, and how it handles its image in media. You might recall that China ordered the removal of the new Monster Hunter movie because of a “joke” that was placed in the film. There’s also Devotion, a two-year-old game that was removed in both GoG and Steam also because of a “joke”. There are a dozen cases like that. The western audiences call China a bully, (which in some instances can be found to be true), however, I started thinking about it some more and, to be honest, I agree with China here! Hear me out!

Let me ask you something, who decides what is a joke? No seriously, oftentimes I would hear people claim that a statement that they’ve made about another is “just a joke” and should not be taken seriously, that for you to react in any other way besides laughing is you being a “butthurt individual”! Jokes are jokes when both participating actors agree and find it funny, if the party on the receiving end of the joke does not find it funny, well mate, the joke’s not funny! Your other mates who are not on the receiving end may find it hilarious, but the target actor does not. This is what China has decided to stop altogether.

China is now in a position to no longer allow any form of racial jokes about its country or its people. You can tell your jokes all you want in your own homeland, but it won’t be allowed on the mainland nor do business with you. And I have to say I agree with it. Let’s be real, Western media loves making fun of other nations and people. Themselves too, albeit, not as often. They’re so used to that privilege that anyone that complains about it gets called out as a weep or a bully. Asians have faced a lot of mockery in media throughout the years, and well, there’s so much nonsense disguised as jokes that one can take before you snap.

Kinda funny too because the West likes making content where the victim stands up to the bully, but when it actually starts to happen to them, the other guy’s the bully. China’s no saint but I’m not going to let my criticism of them blind me when they do something I actually agree with. If the Chinese don’t want to see their people made fun of, who are you to tell them otherwise? No one is saying you can’t make the content that you want, however, if you’re planning on bringing it to China, you gotta follow and respect their rule. Money and Power talks after all. Make no mistake though, I’m still not in support of them messing our other stuff. And their hypocrisy too!

This is something I’d like to see from other countries who get their shit right. Yes, I’m looking at African countries specifically for obvious reasons. Bias, if you haven’t figured it out. If African countries developed and gained the same economical power as China, we too wouldn’t tolerate certain things from the Western world and China too. Hate to say it, but there’s real social and psychological damage caused when you tell these types of jokes over and over again. People start believing it. So, what gives you the right to be mad at China? If they don’t like race jokes, they don’t like it. Tell another joke!

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