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Disney Animation & African Entertainment Company Kugali Will Team Up To Create An All-New, Science Fiction Series Coming To #DisneyPlus In 2022: Iwájú

In surprising news, Disney is launching an animated African comic book series that it describes as a “first of its kind collaboration”. And with good reason too, as I’m quite surprised that they’d partner up with a very young company such as Kugali.

According to Deadline,

“Iwájú comes from a partnership between pan-African entertainment company Kugali and Disney. It will launch on streaming service Disney+ in 2022.”

“Walt Disney Animation Studios’ chief creative officer said that the show is set in Lagos and steeped in science-fiction and explores “deep themes of class, innocence and challenging the status quo”.”

I’m glad and concerned about this reveal. Glad that the hard work of the Kugali tram is paying off and but concern because I feel Disney is just trying to munch off their work. I don’t know, I remember Kugali saying that they’re planning to “Kick Disney’s ass” so it’s funny to see them working together. Overall though, I guess you gotta make whatever business necessary to get to where you want to be, plus this is great marketing for their business.

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