Look, I’m not here to talk about the review scores and whether or not Cyberpunk 2077 deserved higher or lower, I just want to highlight something that demonstrates that most of the reviews out there about Cyberpunk 2077 clearly are not being done as objective as possible, and could even be considered having a blatant agenda.

Exhibit A:

As many gamers know, a lot of the mainstream media seem to be somewhat duking points of Cyberpunk 2077 for lack of Transgender representation, making claims that the get perpetuates transphobia or all of the above. Transphobia against Cyberpunk 2077 has been an ongoing discussion ever since the poster with the person’s “mega weapon” came into question. And after the tweet, where they said “Are you assuming their gender”, it was downhill from there. Could it possibly be that any of the outlets are reviewing the game with an agenda to damage the game’s image? Hard to tell, but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

Exhibit B:

Now given what I’ve explained in Exhibit A, would it be a far stretch to say that CD Project Red, after a year of having hit pieces writing about them, have come to the conclusion that sending review copies to certain outlets may not be in their best interest, and that sending them to “Influencers” instead is a wiser choice? I mean, if you ask most gamers, usually now they say that they’d trust a YouTuber or a streamer far more than gaming journalist these days so there’s something to think about. Although, I too have to wonder as some influencers have a habit of hyping up a game once they receive free goodies from them.

Exhibit C:

Now because a lot of major gaming outlets are not receiving their key on time for whatever reason, many have opted to just rush their reviews in order to be the first to drop a review. This, however, causes some of them to not accurately play the game as intended and thus miss out on the core experience of the game. Giving that the game was meant to be played at a certain pace, the impression from a reviewer who rushed the game might differ from what the player will actually experience. This in turn may lead to them blaming the game.


It’s a mess! However, it also shows you that game reviews unfortunately can no longer be fully trusted and must be used as a guide and not a concrete fact! Essentially, find reviewers who share similar tastes in the games that you like, have a good track record of actually playing their games and of course, use your own judgment.

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