I really don’t want to do this, but I mean it’s the talk of the town right now! So Digital Foundry, a great channel, did a Dirt 5: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/ Series S Comparison, and to everyone’s surprise, including me, the PS5 version actually looks and runs better than the powerful Xbox Series X.

Now, I’m not here to clown the Xbox or anything, in fact, I’m here to defend it1 As you may have known, DF did a video that highlights the difference in the Xbox/PS5 performance, and well the Xbox didn’t look so good. In every instance, the PS5 was looking better and perform better, making the so-called “most powerful console” look weak!

However, I’m here to say that the Xbox Series X might be having a PS3 experience, where the console is just too difficult to work on in order to pull out its true capabilities! The internet is already rationing the Xbox but it’s way too soon for that. I’d say give the console a few more years to get the hang of its tools. Two years should suffice, if by then the PS5 STILL, is kicking the Xbox Series X ass, then it’s really time to hang up the mantle for good Microsoft!

You can check out the video for yourself down below!

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