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You’re probably looking at the title and questioning everything good in this world, and I don’t blame you! This is the state in which we live, this is what happens when people lose all touch with reality! So we really getting mad that a supposedly white person is using a black feature on a white character?

Over the weekend, there was a dialogue, one that should not exist but unfortunately does of a user on Twitter who showed off her new character with a new Afro puff, but she called them space puff! And that was enough to spark a war in which people attacked this person, gatekeeping the hairstyle to just Black people. This was the same energy when Black Panther was released, the energy of acting as if white people can’t consume anything that’s Black!

Look, I know Twitter is a space of its own but these types of things tend to spill over into the real world, which could lead to more problems. I’m honestly disappointed and ashamed! How did we derail so far from the course of evolution to end up trying to control who can use what in a video game? And who is making these claims, because as far as I’m concerned, it’s people like that that will cause others to hate without a valid reason, not that hating needs a reason or should be justified! This is what started it all:


And here is how they were introduced:


Look, I really think we need to start having a real look at who on the web is talking for the so-called Black community, because I assure you, the black community doesn’t give two fucks what you add to your character. There are bigger wars out there!

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