The Waylanders is an exciting fantasy RPG inspired by classics such as Dragon Age: Origins and Baldur’s Gate and based on the Celtic and medieval period and culture!

Here’s the official press release for the game:

“The first meeting between the Celts and their gods, the Tuatha de Danaan should have been a time of celebration and enlightenment. But, when the negotiations go catastrophically wrong, you find yourself near death– and untethered from time! The land has been overtaken by magickal corruptions, and the kingdom, once peaceful, has splintered into multiple factions warring for the throne. The Celtic culture- a complex tapestry of different religions, cultures, mortal and immortal human races, werewolves, druids, goblins, and monsters threatens to tear at every seam. Will you support the immature yet rightful heir, or the pragmatic general? What alliances will you forge, what friendships will you foster, what romances will you pursue, and… what will you do when you are suddenly thrust into Medieval Spain?

You discover, because you have been untethered from time, that you are able to travel between the Celtic and Medieval eras. Things look pretty different in Galicia under Christianity than they did under Celtic rule. Where are your immortal allies now, and what has become of the souls of your mortal friends, reincarnated? Could the corrupt magicks that interfered during your meeting with the Tuatha have led to the destruction of all the Celtic world held dear? Or was a larger force of politics and religion at fault– or, perhaps, to thank for the changes the world has experienced?”

Now this game is in early access on steam so that something to keep in mind! I would wait for the full game to be released since it’s heavily story-oriented!

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