Do you know what’s funny? Recently I had this random urge to play Cloudbuilt again out of nowhere. While playing the game, I thought myself, “man, if this game had multiplayer it would be sick”, and lo and behold, I just learned that they announced one two years ago and completely missed it. Sky Tracers is a high speed, third-person parkour runner with a pleasantly colorful aesthetic. Unlike Super Cloudbuilt, it’ll boast multiplayer support.

Now even though it’s been two years, there hasn’t been a lot of information for this game, still slated for TBA, the game, if it ever does come out would be surreal! Just think about all the crazy and epic moment s you could have in a game as versatile and exhilarating as Sky Tracer!

Jump over rooftops, scale sky scrapers and fight off hostile robots as you master the almost infinite depth of rocket parkour. Find and carve your very own path through challenging courses in a frantic multiplayer race.


  • Race against other players and compete for the fastest time on each stage.
  • Additional game modes to be announced.
  • Customize your character.
  • Hang out with other players in social areas between matches
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