I’m sure you’ve heard the whispers of Sony’s move to acquire Crunchyroll! According to various sources, it’s Sony’s way to enter into a market dominated by Netflix and Hulu, but what does it mean for Crunchyroll, and how will affect their business going forward!

Well, since I don’t have the inside scoop on Crunchyroll business health, I can only make educated guesses here! One thing for is sure, there’s going to be changed, and a lot of it, starting with their original shows. Anime like High Guardian Academy &  EX-ARM, which if you can even call them anime, will definitely be scrapped if Sony were to take over! They are investing a lot into entering the anime entertainment space, so it would make sense to cut off any dead weight and focus on only the premium of anime that Crunchyroll has licensed! You know, the one’s that people actually go to Crunchyroll to watch.

Next would be layoffs! As sad as it is to hear this, there’s no doubt that there’s going to be some layoff to trim the fat from the company! Anyone that was hired for a role that they already have in Sony will likely be replaced.

Of course, then there’s the elephant in the room, the mass censorship that Sony will bring to the table if they acquire Crunchyroll. Sony is no stranger to censoring anime content, some are agreeable, while others leave you kinda concerned for the future of this media. If Sony were to acquire Crunchyroll, there’s no doubt that some anime will face “modification” or outright removed here in the west. And I know we westerners don’t like censorship when it doesn’t make any sense. Heck, they could even censorship Japan too if Japan doesn’t make the move needed to protect the anime industry.

This acquisition will be very interesting for the faith of anime here in the west but what do you guys think?

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