Well, in sad hour news, Marvels Avengers, Square Enix’s live-action game has reportedly only sold a total of 3 Million copies, not only that, the game apparently lost the company $63 million! So what went wrong? How did Square Enix lose so much money to an IP that should have been an easy deal in the bag?

It’s no surprise that the game has had a shaky image since its reveal! From the moment that first trailer dropped, the only thing that was expressed by the gaming community was “mid & bland”! The game was criticized for its bland models and unenthusiastic designed stages. Not to mention, the moment the public found out that the game was going to be a live-service game, that basically put the nail in the coffin for Marvel Avengers!

Yet many, including myself, had faith and gave the game the benefit of the doubt! Then the beta came around and to be honest I was impressed that Marvel Avengers wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it wasn’t enough to actually pay for the game, especially with its low count characters. Followed by that we learned about how new characters were going to be introduced (season pass for whales), lack of end game contents, repetitive mission (to some extent), and well, that’s what led to its demise. Oh and lack of promotion of the game would do it too, if you weren’t following the game, you wouldn’t have known that it came out.

It goes to show you that not everything that glitter is gold. I hope Square Enix can learn from this experience and build upon it in future games.

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