Here’s something most of us never gave much of a thought, what happens when virtual characters such as Seraphine, a virtual influencer by League of Legends, Shudu – the world’s first virtual supermodel & Miquela Sousa, the first CG influencer, replace actual human? Some might say it’s ludicrous, but they said the same thing about the automotive AI industry a few years ago, and look how that turned out.

Just like you, when I heard of these virtual influences, I paid no attention to it. Honestly, I thought that this was something for the extremely niche to enjoy. However, with the rise of V-tubers (Virtual YouTubers) and companies spending a lot of money for virtual characters like Seraphine, it’s now something that many will want o keep an eye out for!

Shudu – the world’s first virtual supermodel

Think about it, several companies have spent thousands on influences for promoting their goods, what happens when they start to realize that they could just “create” their own influencer who would say EXACTLY, what they want it to say! You might be saying “that’s crazy, no one would believe a word they virtual creation would say!” Then let me ask you this, what if they made you “believe” that there’s a human behind the virtual influencer? You know, just like how some YouTubers have an avatar that “represents” them. Take that concept, level it up to a virtual animated avatar and you have yourself a recipe for an uprising of the Virtual Influencer. Who wants to look at a “flawed human”, when they can look at the perfect representation of a human. And why stop at humans? The possibilities are endless.

It’s no longer a matter of “if”, but “when” this new wave of celebrities will take the stage and how that will shake the industry of influencers as a whole. It won’t outright replace them of course, no matter what happens, as we will always want to see a human face, but the Virtual influencers can do a whole lot more than any human can do, they can spice things up in ways that will always keep them relevant. We’re about to enter into a new age!

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