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NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, the Unchained Multiplayer Combat developed by 24 Entertainment is a game I’ve personally been following for a while now, so to hear that it is holding a closed beta test is pretty hype! Oh and I also have some keys to give away, all thanks to the devs!

Chinese studio 24 Entertainment is planning to host a multiplayer closed beta that will let us try out what they promised to be a “boundless movement system” that enables players to climb, hang, wall-run, and more, aided by an “aim-at-whatever-you-want” grappling hook. I myself will be trying out the game, and you can catch the coverage on my YouTube channel and Twitch!

Of course, I do have some keys to give away, thanks to the developers! You can enter below and follow the steps needed! Good Luck!

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Closed Beta Giveaway

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