OK, I’m sorry but this feature, although optional, does nothing but cement the fact that the story-telling in Valhalla might not be good at all!

According to narrative director Darby McDevitt the game supported both male and female versions as canon, which I thought was just the fact that whether you pick male or female, both would be considered canon in the lore. Of course I didn’t like that idea as it made no sense for an Assassin’s creed game but this new feature takes that idea to a ludicrous level.

When Valhalla begins, you’ll be able to choose to play entirely as female Eivor, entirely as male Eivor, or by default via a “Let the Animus decide” option, as revealed last night in a video clip from IGN. So from what I’m assuming here is that as you play the game, you’ll be switching from one gender to the other which is also canon, which if that’s the case makes absolutely no sense. If these two excited at the same time, like in Odyssey then yeah sure but I doubt that’s the case here.

Ubisoft is doing everything possible to not commit to a female character huh? Jokes aside this basically just ruins the lore to some degree, you know for a fact the dialogue in the game is going to be mediocre for sure. Anyway, let me know what you guys think of all this.

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