You know, after Kotaku, yes, THE Kotaku wrote that piece about how you should feel bad for playing as they put it “Space Nazis”, I was ready to just ignore it! I mean, what can you even say to that? All common sense legitimately went out the window once that article was posted, however, it got me thinking that this is an even bigger issue than what we care to admit!

From the Joker movie, Attack on Titan to now this new Star Wars game, it seems that a trend of trying to make people feel bad for either liking or appreciating a villain has gone from being this isolated thing to a damm near-global crisis! This is getting out of hand. This obsession of wanting to do something right or be politically correct has taken a turn for the worst. No longer are the media interested in writing compelling articles about…well games/movies. Now it’s all about how to paint people who like a villain as monsters.

That Star Wars article really opened my eyes to the epidemic we’re facing right now from these people! How are we supposed to trust their reviews, or first impression or anything from them? OK, to be fair no one does but still, they, unfortunately, have the power to shape the future of games (media), and seeing as we’ve already seen how Hollywood is going, it’s only a matter of time before the games industry buckles to their weight. The same thing happened with games getting easier. I can’t remember where I saw this but I can recall hearing that game devs made their games easier so that these journalists would give them a better review. And whenever a tough game gets released, notice how harsh they are in their preview or review.

Almost as if they’re trying to send a message by making an example! Yeah, it sounds like a conspiracy to be fair but I wouldn’t put it past them. We need to be more alert is all I’m saying!

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