As the world sets their eyes on the next generation console, VR gaming industry is making its own strive, slowly but surely evolving it’s craft. Omni One by Virtuix is looking to created the ultimate gaming experience.

The Omni is the first omni-directional treadmill that lets players walk and run in 360 degrees inside video games and other virtual worlds. Essentially, it’s trying to become the “Peloton of gaming”! It will a subscription model where gamers will be able to download a “library” of games to play on Omni One! I say library in the quotations because the Omni One is currently in the prototype phase so it’s too soon if they’ll be able to provide the value of the subscription to the table. 30 games are good, but not enough!

Still, after watching “Ready Player One”, this is something I have dreamt of as a gamer since the day I picked up my SNES controller. I really do hope they are able to bring something like this to light! As not only would it be dope from a personal home consumption, it could revolutionize esports as well. They estimate that they will release the product by 2021 so I’ll be closely following the product!

Although, I’m not sure of the “slippery” platform aspect, however, maybe it feels different when you’re on the platform. I say this because they have already sold 4000 entertainment venue versions to over 500 venues so there’s a market for it and it seems to work.

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