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Why I’m Disappointed With #Blacktober! A Missed Opportunity!

I wanted to briefly talk about this trend called #Blacktober and how I feel that it’s a missed opportunity for originality and highlight obscure Black characters lost to time!

So if the name hasn’t given it away, #Blacktober is a month in which many artists partake in sharing one art per day during a particular theme. This ranges from protagonist to antagonist. The whole idea is to turn non-black characters into characters that look like them! Esseaitly to let the world know Black people exists! That’s where they lost me! It’s nothing serious and in the grand scheme of things affects no one or harms anyone (debatable as I feel it harm the psyche of Black people) but I feel like this month could’ve been a prime opportunity to create original characters, promote original works and overall shine a light to an otherwise ignored sector in geek culture. Instead, it’s wasted promoting already well-known characters!

Many of these artists have shown themselves to be extremely talented, so to me, it feels like their talent is being wasted recoloring or re-imagined already established “white or Asian” characters when they could just create something original! I mean, so many of the weird characters we’ve seen over years, started out as fan arts and turned into a cultural phenomenon, this could have been a prime to bring something like that to light again

As I said, it’s just a minor pet peeve of mine that I wanted to share! At first, I wanted to gather all the original works of art and share them at the end of the month but most of it is just Black-washed characters.

Truth be told, if your explanation for #Blacktober is “it’s empowering“, then I’m sorry to tell you but there’s nothing empowering about it! At all! What’s more empowering is creating original characters, give them a backstory (since it’s your work, you have the ability to tell your story), and watch as many people fawn over your new work! Or use this month to find obscure Black characters that many people may not have heard of, redrawn in your vision, and shine a new spotlight on those characters!

Anyways, that’s just my opinion on it! It’s all fun I guess but I can’t help but feel disappointed that many Black creators are choosing to take this path. Let me know what you guys think!

Update: 10/10/2020 — I made a video a few days after this blog, and near the end of that video I shouted out original works that people can check out.

8 thoughts on “Why I’m Disappointed With #Blacktober! A Missed Opportunity!

  1. Like Inktober, Blacktober had a great chance to encourage non-black artists to create black original content. Instead black artists make it clear non-black artists are not welcome to take part in blacktober which I think pushes a terrible message. It makes non-black artists even more scared to do black characters in their work because of how divisive some artists get during blacktober. Blacktober should be a push to increase black characters in artistic media, not further risk divide in communities.

    1. So how many Black artists have you supported through this event? (Also I have to laugh with the “Inktober inspired original content” like dude 65% of the time it was fanart. Then you got the artists that would make a vague drawing like a flower in a hand if the theme was “life”. Like knock it off with the “this divides the community”. You could have easily looked through these entries and looked at the artists’ galleries but no. Instead you choose to complain about them for making fanart. And allow people to harass them

      1. In terms of support, I’ve always made it an effort to highlight indie projects on this website, and I personally support art that I find compelling on my social media!

        I never said “Inktober inspired original content” in this blog, that’s your word!

        I have looked through them, why do you think I wrote this blog expressing my disappointment? I have every right to FYI! Just like you had the right to respond to the blog!

        You missed my point. I’m not focusing on past galleries (every artist has past galleries), I’m focusing on the month that drew the most attention! And they choices that people made.

        Whether this blog existed or not, if these lowlife scums wanted to harrass people, they would have! I’m focusing on talking to the people that matter!

  2. Ok so clearly you just missed the entire point of Blacktober and couldn’t bother reading the cards that literally talk about how artists are also free to make OC’s and original Black characters which I’ve seen plenty of the past few days. This is supposed to be a fun event(again something specified in the cards you chose to leave out). This is a drawing challenge event. You know something you will find in pretty much every fandom or art forms? Why are you dictating what these artists can or can’t draw? “This could be a time for them to promote original characters” or you could simply look at their blogs and their galleries and their OC’s. And their talent is being wasted because they want to make redraws of a scene? Something artists do all the time but for some reason we are now acting that is a sin? Check yourself next time and reflect why racists stealing these Black artists’ original pieces to whitewash them in retaliation keep on linking to this sad excuse of an article. FYI, I don’t make a whole article for a pet peeve

    1. Listen, I don’t have a problem with Blacktober, in fact I was excited about it! I’m focusing on why people continue to recolour characters, in the one point that the could have used to add more OC to the mix, or support creators making cool stuff! Espailly since the cry for diversity has grown louder each day.

      I’ve never had a problem with recolours on a day to day basis, but I felt that this month event could have gone differently and so I expressed it.

      Like I said, I’m aware of artist having galleries and whatnot, but I’m focusing on what they’ve chosen to put out on Blactober, the month in question.

      As you pointed out, yes artist do it all the time, and I never minded. However, It felt like the one month that should be used more efficiently in my opinion felt like a pool of just recolors.

      In regards to “Racists” stealing Black artists original pieces to whitewash as retalitations, that has nothing to do with me! Scums are always going to be scums and I don’t associctae with them nor condone their actions. Yet, there is a sense of irony here that it bothers people when Black characters get whitewashed, yet everyone else has to be quiet when “white or asian” characters get blackwashed”! Like I said, I don’t condone that type of retalitation behaviour (if the malicoius intent is true) but it has nothing to do with this blog!

      1. I made my post after watching several of the black artists I follow tweet that non-black artists need to make black ocs but then make it explicitly clear not to use blacktober to do it. Which is fine, but as I said in my first post, it misses great potential for blacktober since from what I’ve seen most black artists draw blackwashed characters regularly the other eleven months with an occasional oc once or twice a month. So I agree this should have been 31 days of black ocs made for each one instead of encouraging blackwashing characters. Sadly it has divided the art community cause I know a few white artists that have black ocs inspired by the list above, but have flat out said they won’t make a one until November to avoid backlash.

  3. There is an OC Bank. Wipe those White tears of yours and your friends and get over it. You want to support their OC’s? Reblog and share them

  4. Emperor Pyros, I’m black and I agree with everything you said. Well said brother. Thank you for sharing your voice.

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