A bit late to the punch but the moment I was made aware of The Wagadu Chronicles, an upcoming MMO set in an Afrofantasy world that lets you explore both as an isometric MMO built for in-character roleplay and as a 5E-compatible tabletop setting being backed by Riot Games I knew I had to talk about it!

Based on the tabletop RPG books of Wagadu, Wagadu core lies at the heart of its expansive and rich lore to guide the MMO version of the game! Accordinig to the summaries:

Wagadu is a strange place where different types of people fall from another world and have to fight to adapt and survive. Behind the scenes a lot has been done to create this world. We believe that role-playing thrives when the setting is well fleshed out and interesting.

The approach taken to create this fantasy world was: “What if Tolkien were black?”. Just as Tolkien did, a lot of time was spent researching the mythologies and traditions of people, but in this case across the African continent. The result is seven “lineages”, which are similar to fantasy “races” but more nuanced, with overlapping cultures and more fluid identities.

What makes this MMO stand out, aside from the obvious African theme such as working with an Africa biologists for the various biomes and  African elders for village lore, is the introduction of something called “Dialogue Mode”! A special cinematic mode that can be triggered when two or more people chat with each other. It allows for close ups and the use of many animations (from emotions to little show-off spells) you can basically create your own little live show with friends or strangers as you explore and role-play your character’s story.

There’s also something called “ancestral blessings”. Throughout Wagadu, Ancestors leave skills for players to pick them up, these skills last from a few minutes to an hour and unlock some random power anywhere in the skill tree (and sometimes even completely unique powers that belong to NPC Ancestors). So your Daa’ima bodyguard character may well be able to breathe underwater for an hour or to heal everyone for 15 minutes!

Looks pretty cool and so I hope to see it come to live in the near future! If you want to learn more about this project, check out its Kickstarter page.

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