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Omniscient Reader, a new webnovel taking the isekai trope to another level! Think Solo Leveling but with a transmigration theme!

Based on the novel Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, the webnovel follows Dokja, an ordinary blue-collar contractor, reading a 10 year running webnovel that no one else seems to be reading! In an odd twist of fate, that very novel would end up becoming a reality and only he knows how it plays out!

“Dokja had no idea. He had no idea his favorite web novel ‘Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse’ was going to come to life, and that he would become the only person to know how the world was going to end. He also had no idea he would end up becoming the protagonist of this novel-turned-reality. Now, Dokja will go on a journey to change the course of the story and save humankind once and for all.”

I won’t lie, this webnovel really reminds me of Solo Levelling, with the premise likely setting up the main character becoming overpowered, but I like it! The art is dope and the direction narrative so far was very engaging! There’s currently eight-chapter out right now so do check it out! I can see this one also blowing up soon!

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