After Microsoft announced their acquisition of Zenimax, and to an extent Bethesda, I had to reevaluate the Xbox Game Pass once more! I already knew that it was a great deal, but after this move, Xbox might actually be the more valuable console to pick up if you don’t already own a PC!

Now, you might be reading this and thinking to yourself “what in the hell is this man talking about here?” and I wouldn’t have blamed you for that! For the longest time, I’ve been looking at this from the perspective of someone that can easily afford any game I want at any given time! Heck, I just bought Hades on the Switch on a whim! Gaming is a luxury and I have the means to enjoy it at its fullest! My mindset was pretty much”

Eh, $1 a month? Probably most of the games are gonna be either dated or mediocre“, which could still be true, however that has changed! I had forgotten the people who are not as fortunate as I am! The people who have to make the difficult choice in choosing between a PS5 or an Xbox to stick with for the entire generation! It’s funny because I was one of those families that couldn’t buy all the consoles, heck just buying one brand new was out for the question.

Every console I had up until the PS4 I believe was either traded in or bought second-hand! It wasn’t until I got a job of my own was able to start buying games brand new! The PC came much later!

Thinking about this now, I know they’re many families out there like mine who want to spoil their children but often due to financial reasons! In the past, I would always tell people to get a PS4 due to the exclusives games, but now Xbox Series X and Series S have actually become a viable option for a console choice, one I would have helped my Mum make the decision!

Yes, most of the time, it’s the kids that have to negotiate the value of a console to their parents, I know that all too well. Think of it this way, the next-gen consoles are already a hefty price to pay for entertainment, if you told your parents that all they have to do is pay $1 every month after the initial console cost and you could play all the games you want, as opposed to buying a single game now worth $70, which one do you think a parent under a strict budget would choose? HECK, they don’t even have to buy the console at all if they already have devices that will let them play games and have a strong internet connection.

I was so blindsided by the exclusive that I didn’t fully see the master plan Microsoft was laying before all our eyes! Of course, I was aware that Xbox was going for a service model but I was thinking for myself, neglecting to see it from all other angles! In truth, Microsoft may have just positioned themselves in the most favorable position that will play out very well in the long run!

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