I was made aware of a brand new turn-based RPG game that came out on mobile devices called Lords of Heroes and I have to say, I was very impressed by the quality of the game!

Lord of Heroes is an RPG developed by Clover Games for mobile. Players get to role-play as the protagonist who is fully customisable in the game as you encounter countless heroes. This is something that I haven’t seen yet in a game but makes for a very unique narrative story-telling perspective!

In the worldview of this game, Lord of Heroes has countries with different values and beliefs that have conflicts and wars with one another. It’s up to you to command your legion, ally with nations, or invade as you expand your dominion!

Not gonna lie, I was massively impressed by the presentation of Lord of Heroes! The story is good, basically think Total War but with Anime characters, it’s all voice acted in Korean and the turn-based combat was surprisingly fun! Each character has their own unique ability and designs which makes collecting them fun! Not only that, but most of the characters actually do more stuff outside of battle, such as helping you decide whether to declare war or create allyship which is cool! Aside from the story mode, there’s raids, dungeons, and an alliance system, all there to help you get the items you need to grow your army!

Overall, this is a game worth trying out if your’r looking for a good turn-based Total war game but with anime aesthetic!

Lord of Heroes Review: An Amazing LOOKING MOBILE RPG Game That Lets You Play As A Monarch!
8 / 10 Reviewer

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