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CD Projekt Red Backtracks On “No Microtransaction”! They May Have Lied, However, This Was A Wise Move!

Ever since CD Projekt Red made that claim about there being no microtransaction, I knew they’d be in trouble! Look, I don’t like invasive or aggressive microtransaction, but if done right, it can add life to the game’s lifespan! Yes, they lied to us, acted like they’re better than most, if not, all developers, but eventually reality slapped them in the face! They realized it was unrealistic to release a multiplayer game in this day and age without microtransaction! They are a business, they are here to make money!

According to Gamespot:

“Well, we’re never aggressive towards our fans!” he said. “We treat them fairly and we’re friendly. So of course not–we won’t be aggressive–but you can expect great things to be bought. The goal is to design monetization in a way that makes people happy to spend money. I’m not trying to be cynical or hide something; it’s about creating a feeling of value.”

If this were any other company, I’d have a massive doubt on my face, but seeing that it’s CD Projekt Red, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they’ll introduce to the multiplayer of Cyberpunk 2077! Let me know how you feel? Do you feel betrayed? Or are you understanding of their circumstances!

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