Phantom Seer, a new shonen Jump manga was one I never really intended on reading but clicked on it on a whim and, I actually liked it!

Once upon a time, I declared that I would stop reading manga completely to fully enjoy anime more, yet I did say that I would still read some that have yet to be turned into anime. As time went on, I completely backtracked and have been consuming a crazy amount of manga again. That and I learned that I don’t have the time to sit down and consume anime as swiftly as reading through nine chapters! Anyways, background aside, Phantom Seer started out pretty generic, yet I found the setting and the narrative to be quite enjoyable!

Written by Togo Goto and drawn by Kento Matsuura, Phantom Seer follows a girl named Riku who attracts dangerous phantoms and a shaman named Iori. Essentially the shaman fights bad spirits, and now he has to protect this girl who draws them to her! You get the gist!

At first, I thought Iori was going to be this brooding edgy character from his introduction, but his foul personality was a welcoming surprise. Riku too had her own quirks that I found endearing! The art style was great, with some of the phantoms drawn in really creepy and eery details. Maybe it’s just me but I had no expectation going into this series, but left pleasantly surprised! Of course, the amazing battle sequence is what completely captivated me, as to be expected with a Jump manga.

The contrast between Riku and Iori personality is nothing new but makes their dynamic fun to follow! As they say, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it! Overall, I liked it! It’s worth given a chance!

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