John Boyega had an interview with British GQ, in which he talked about how Disney ruined his character and the experience he had working with Disney! Honestly, all of it was rather insightful and could be a learning experience for anyone looking to enter into Hollywood! Oh, and it also tells you that Hollywood’s so-called “Diversity Agenda” means shit!

During his GQ interview, he talked about how his experience is different from those of his cast members, how annoyed he was that Disney wasted his character, and how he felt that he was only a token for Disney to parade for virtue points. It’s a very interesting read, and if you got the time, you should check it out. However, I wanted to share my thoughts on his experience!

As unfortunate as it was to be seen as just “a Black man”, to have people try to tell him how to dress and wear his hair, and to have his characters be turned into a side joke, this was to be expected when it comes to Hollywood! Nothing has changed, it was and always has been progressive activism!

No matter how many “Black Lives Matter” banners they’ll post, the truth of the matter is, they just don’t care, and John Boyega learned that the hard way! This is the result of trying to enter into a tree-house that was never meant to house you in the first place!

Reading what he had to go through, the death threats from fans which were horribly but not surprising, and the constant back bending to ensure he gets to keep his job is exactly how they chain you to a submissive state and strip you of your identity.

This what happens when you let them market you as “A Black Lead” or “A Champion for Diversity”, it leads them to only see you for your skin-tone as opposed to an actual human being! John Boyeag was right, Finn had an interesting premise, a Stormtrooper turned could have opened up an interesting narrative, but the executives at Disney likely turned coward and switch to their safety net that was Daisy aka Rey, who also didn’t get great treatment. It’s all a mess!

If there’s anything we could learn from this, is that instead of begging them to let you in, then proceed to try and change the iron-cladded interior, why not build something from scratch? Oh, and stop supporting anything who’s marketing strategy is “diversity”, that’s also a good take away from this! Anyways, let me know what you guys think?

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