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The irony of a trailer telling fans to “know their history” and “beware of the communists”, yet wipes out a portion of history when a communist country threatens to ban their game is something to behold! When I tell you I’m worried about Tencent increasing presences in gaming, this is why!

After the teaser trailer was banned in China, Activision was forced to remove the Tiananmen Square footage from the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War video, replacing the old trailer with the edited version worldwide. I honestly wouldn’t have cared what the CCP do in their country, but the fact that they’re now influencing what the rest of the world sees is extremely worryingsomr. Come on, how can you not be concerned with how much influence the Chinese party now has across the world.

It is a heavy-handed approach to apply this to the entire world rather than just the Chinese version. They know what they’re doing! Look, I’m not going to shout “BOYCOTT” or anything like that, but you have to at least pay attention with what is going on! We have progresweed so much in the past few years, I’d rather not have so communist party tell me what I can and can’t see!

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