You know what I’ve noticed over the years of playing games, the immerse obsession with demonic themes in our games. As in, we have no problem making games that have a ton of demonic stuff (from enemies, to you the player playing as something on the dark-side or using dark things) well represented and depicted in epic and horrific ways, yet there’s barely any proper representation for the warriors of Light, the holy warriors themselves, aka Angels! Why is that?

Most of the time, we the players are tasked in killing demons in games, which is fine! However I’ve noticed that rarely, if ever, angels are involved in the stories! They’re depicted in frail, often weak state, begging for us to help them out! Or they’re none existent.

You can’t have evil demons without their counterpart! And when we do have them, they’re either portrayed as weaker than demons, or almost none extinct. “Evil is cool, and Good is lame,” is what I’ve come to observe. The only time, you can play or see references of angels as fearsome equals to demons or play as pure warriors of light, are in MMO’s!

It could just be me, but I’ve always enjoyed the never-ending battles between Angels and Demons, two equal opposing forces, neither gaining any grounds, but we’ve yet to get something that really captures that that I’m aware of in gaming, or heck even in movies. I get that we put humans as the forefront of the battle against these monsters, the “light” that faces the darkness, but to me, that shouldn’t mean there can’t be no cool angels around. Always made to rely on humans, when it theory they should be capable for fighting their equals! Demons “technically” according to biblical believes are fallen angels”.

The only game that I know did it in a more interesting way was Darksiders & Diablo. Other than them, recent games make it seem like angels aren’t a thing! Think of it this way, you could probably name more known demons than you can name four angels in a video game. Aside, from that the obsession with demonic rituals and the likes is also wild! I dunno, I feel like the balance is clearly tipped to the demon side. And don’t get me started with anime, literally most transformation involves some from of having demon powers.

My theory is that the current market has made demons “cool”, despite how terrifying they’re supposed to be! And somehow Angel have been portrayed as “lame”, “goody-touchy” and “uncool”! Well, that’s my theory on it. I dunno, I just want a proper portrayal of Angels. Not just messengers, but the warriors they’re mewant to be too! And not reliant on humans for strength!

Anyways, let me know what you guys think? Am I wrong?

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