So YouTube’s infamous YouTuber Leafy has recently been banned! Whether you like the dude or not, him getting banned once again opened up the discussion on freedom of speech, or lack thereof!

I don’t want to repeat everything I’ve talked about on a previous blog. However, to cut matters short, him getting banned for criticizing another content creator sucks, as holding each other accountable or calling out bad behaviour is important. Nevertheless, Leafy signed the terms of condition when he made his channel. The idea that you can come on YouTube and say whatever the hell you want is unrealistic, to begin with. Like, I stated in my previous blog, you don’t actually have freedom of speech anywhere the moment you leave your house. You are always subjugated by the rule of the person that host you.

So if one day YouTube decides that they don’t want people making content like Leafy, they are within their rights to do so! If you don’t like it, you have one of these two choices: complain about it or leave the platform. And since the latter is not viable for many content creators, you’ll just have to deal with YouTube’s home rule! Now, here’s the bigger concern, the taking down of a channel without any prior warning. YouTube should at least have the decency to warn someone before they just cut what could be their life support! That and I also fear that this could lead to other YouTubers manipulating the game to rid themselves of people they don’t like!

It’s all really a mess!

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