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Red Rapture: Born Blessed To Walk A Cursed Reality! Light Novel Coming In 2021!

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Alright, it’s an understatement that I’m both nervous and excited to announce my debut, anime-inspired light novel Red Rapture: Born Blessed To Walk A Cursed Reality! coming in 2021!

Yes, I have indeed written my own light novel, inspired by all the manga and anime that I’ve consumed over the years! Red Rapture is a passion project that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Here’s what the light novel is all about:

Red Rapture is about a world blessed with a phenomenon called Das Ìhè, a light that grazed the Earth in the year 1912, granting a limited amount of humans the ability to control the elements.

Unbeknownst to the recipients of the gift, the blessing of the light turned their world into a cursed reality!

The story follows a young boy, who also became one of the gifted on his 7th birthday. Although shocked, he’ll soon learn the gravity of what it truly means to be blessed in a world that has been reshaped by man’s cursed nature for hatred!

Sounds interesting right?

There are many reasons why I decided to start off with a fantasy series light novel. Mostly because I felt that it was the natural order for it to one day turn into a manga, and then finally an anime! There’s also the fact that I’m a huge manga and comic book fan. I enjoyed reading and seeing all the crazy world that people have created, so I wanted to create my own story that people will hopefully like.

In recent years why viewpoint in life has changed dramatically, which led to me no longer fearing failure. I felt that it’s better to try and fail than to never have tried at all. Writing Red Rapture is a testament to that! I’ve always had a knack for crafting strange worlds in my head while listening to music or daydreaming during boring classes, so I wanted to see for myself if I had what it takes to write a book!

That’s how I decided to start a series on something I’ve been pondering in my head for years now and it’s surreal to bring it into the real world. So to keep matters short, if you’re into things like Fullmetal Alchemist, HunterXHunter, or Naruto then this light novel is right up your alley! You can pre-order it now, and if you do please leave a review when it comes out! All feedback is appreciated! And yes, when the kindle version is released, the paperback version will be too!

Oh, and let me what you think of the cover art, dope right?

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