Yeah, we entering dangerous territory with this one, but I had to talk about it given the backlash it garnered! So if you didn’t know, E3 released or shared a blog titled “25 Games That Women Play Online” or something of that nature and the internet completely went ape shit!

I looked at the list and well, I couldn’t find a single thing wrong with the list that I could point out! Was it factually incorrect? A Statistical error? An outright lie that claimed women play games? None of that!

Eventually, after doing the bare minimum research, I came to the conclusion that it was simply the fact of “creating a list of games that women play” that was enough to piss everybody off! The idea of separating boys from girls in terms of gaming was so foul and horrendous that it couldn’t be stomached

The list was considered “harmful” to women! The only thing I could think of that the internet could have preconceived as harmful is the potential chance of people (men) treating women like they don’t play “real” games. Gate-keeping or something stupid like that! Now it is unfortunate that we do have losers in our community that gate-keep, but this list isn’t going to add much! If anything, deleting the list could prove to fuel them to now troll.

See, most of the games that were listed are played by both genders, yet it is commonly known that women do tend to gravitate towards games like Candy Crush and puzzle-solving games. In fact, if you’re ever among women companions, asked them what games they have on their phones, chances are they have one of the games listed. It’s not sexist, it’s called statistics! The most reliable form of data on this planet! You can argue opinions, but you can’t argue statistics if backed with unbiased factual data! I literally know four women of the top of my head that have two of those games on their phones!

Sigh, anyway the list is gone (well nothing is ever gone on the internet) and people have moved on! What do you think? Should the list have stayed up or am I wrong for even talking about it!

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