Yeah, this one will get me some heat but I have to say it, if Goku ends up beating Moro after that asspull in Dragon Ball Super chapter 63 then I’m done! Truth be told I should’ve been done a long time ago, but you know how it is!

I’m sorry but I was not happy with how they handled Merus’s death. It could be just me but it felt like they just threw this character away, and worst of all it felt like a cope out to make Goke strong enough to beat Moro. Now yes, Whis did say that Goku’s UI may not be enough best Moro, but I can’t tell if he meant before or after Merus sacrficed himself.

I’m telling you if Goku beats Moro after all that hyping they made us go through with Vegeta, or if they touch fusion again then it’s a wrap! As in, I’m calling it a bust! If anything, at least we know why angels don’t fight! Let me know what you thought about this month’s chapter!

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