One of the biggest events I didn’t talk about in time was the whole Epic Games vs Apple fiasco! Truth be told, I wanted to wait a bit to see how it would all unfold, and my goodness did things escalate.

If you ask me who I think is going to win, it’s Apple! I mean, the moment Epic Games tried to get gamers involved, I knew they were going to lose. They had good intentions, but this is the business world, good intention doesn’t mean shit if you’ve got laws and money to manipulate and move around. I guess I should give a really quick rundown as to what had happened. Epic Games had filed legal action against Apple after the company pulled Fortnite from its App Store.

This was all due to the fact that Epic Games offered a 20 percent discount as an incentive to circumvent the App Store’s service charge. Apple didn’t like that and told Fornite to piss off! This has escalated to now Apple threatening to remove the publisher from its Developer Program, and as a result affect support for the Unreal Engine on Mac and iOS devices, according to a new court filing. The ramification of this could mean that developers might leave Unreal Engine to work on another competitor of Epic Games.

Yeah, that was worth it huh? Here’s what I’m wondering, I’m pretty sure Epic Games must have signed some type of contract that prevents them from doing something like that in the first place, not to mention that Apple has to make money somehow!

I get the vibe that Epic was trying to play the lone underdog hero, but failed ‘epicly in doing so! So now this war has begun and it will be interesting to see how this will all unfold!Let me know what you guys think?

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