Marvel Avengers, the game that most gamers didn’t have any faith in finally entered beta over the past few day! I was able to play the PC version of the game and if I’m being honest, I’m quite conflicted!

You see, when it comes to the actual gameplay itself, Marvel’s Avenger is amazing! Yes, playing as any of the Avenger was fun and they really did an exceptional job at capturing the feel of each hero! Heck, even flying around as Iron Man wasn’t too bad! However, that’s were the good points kinda end. After that, the game felt off! I don’t know how to put it, but after playing a few missions, I noticed how short they were!

Not to mention that it never felt like a grand adventure, even though the game somewhat presents itself like that. I mean I completed a mission in one minute. That’s way too fast for a supposed co-op experience. I’d hope to see more types of mission structures, with puzzles and such! Raid-types mission would be a welcomed addition.

The loot system for me ain’t bad at all. I felt right I guess coming from games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Switch but I’ve heard that the microtransaction is outrages, so there is a cause for concern in that field. However, given all of that, there is potential in this game. yeah, I know Spiderman not being available for everyone sucks, and I did say that I wasn’t going to pick up the game because for it, but, after playing the game I feel different. If they can showcase more mission types, more characters, and a reason to keep getting stronger, with more dynamic events to spice things up, they may have a gem on their hands.

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