A trend that I’ve noticed is the removal of Japanese pop culture stuff like games and books from places like Amazon and Steam. At first, the stuff getting the boot were things of adult nature so I kinda understood it and didn’t really care but, as of late, more tamed stuff are getting caught in the crosshairs!

Now, over the past few months places like Amazon and Steam have begun delisting a lot of the J-novels and games resprcpectly from their shelves! Many have speculated that most of these items were removed because of the walk on the fine line of almost being considered promoting pedophilia and other reprehensible behavior considered by western standards. Now, when I took a look at the stuff that was removed, I’m not going to lie, most of it had lolis and natured stuff like that, so I can see why that’s the case!

Now, personally, these types of products being removed don’t bother me in the slightest! Truth be told, I’ve always felt that kind of stuff was one of the many reasons I have a tough time telling non-anime people that I watch anime, in fear of them stumbling across it while googling anime! However, I want to propose a hypothesis of a bigger more nefarious plot that could see mainstream anime get attacked in the coming future if we don’t pay attention to the changes that are happing behind the scene!

As you may or may not know, I talked about a recent Mangaka who came before their government in Japan, pleaded that anime as we know it may be under attack! See, I’m not concerned about these loli kinds of stuff, however, what makes other anime, well anime is that freedom of making whatever it is that they want to make! Yes, they may make stuff that is incredibly questionable by any normal standard but, that in of itself, is also that appeal that we in the west can’t get, and this appreciate!

Over the past few years, the West has become more and more iltoLARATR of a lot of stuff, and so they want to control what they deem is right and just, stifling freedom of expression for progression. And so one way of doing it is to passive-aggressively remove stuff from some of the biggest marketplaces on the planet to send a message:

This kind of content is no longer welvcome here!

And from that point, they can expand it to only allow content that they want! Alright, you can take off your tin hats! Of course, there’s no proof on any of what I’ve said but it is important awe start paying attention, clearly, changes are coming. Even though places like Netflix are hoarding anime like it’s no tomorrow, that doesn’t mean things are safe, and this isn’t the first time Anime has gotten attacked like this!

I mean someone from Australia’s congress tried to ban Dragon Ball for nudity so anything is possible!

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