Yeah, I know this won’t sit well with like 90% of the people who use the app but I do have some genuine reasons as to why I would like to see the app banned in the US. Heck not just the US, but in Europe and Africa too!

Now you might be thinking to yourself “this guy wants TikTok removed because he’s concerned with his data being stolen by China“, well no! To be fair, most if not all apps steal your data and make a massive profit from it! I’m looking at this for a principle matter. Ask yourself this,

How is it that we allow China to release all sorts of apps into the rest of the world, yet we can't enter their market just as easily?

That has always struck me as odd! TikTok getting banned would force China to reevaluate its global stance and force them to be more open to the rest of the world. If you’re going to be a global economy, then your economy should at the very least be open to other countries.

My second reason for why I want TikTok to be banned is more of a personal reason. Over the period that TikTok has been available, I’ve noticed how they’ve handled content on their platform. From the trend of racist video not being taken down, to clear censorship with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd was trending both hashtags were removing videos tied to them and almost seemed like they were silencing the voices of African and other users. That was strike two for me!

If they are willing to manipulate those hashtag, then who knows how else they could censor dialogue in the future. They claim it to be a glitch but I’ve seen enough businesses retract their statements when it came to that BLM hashtag so I’m calling BS on that!

The final strike for me is how intrusive the app is in comparison to how other apps are in general. Like I said before, apps need to access your phone to function, that’s just how it is, but with TikTok, they took it to another level. So those my reasons! The latter isn’t as important to me but the first two were enough for me to no longer use the app!

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