Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. The western adult cartoon is basically animated shows geared towards adults. So why is it that most people tend to prefer anime as opposed to western cartoons?

I could sit here and go through pages, elaborating in deep detail why anime is often preferred over adult cartoons from the west, but I know you ain’t got the time so I’ll get right to the point: Anime is versatile and diverse, while the western adult cartoon is grotesque comedy. Never mind the art style, that one is clear as day why anime is superior to the western adult cartoon, I’m talking about the underlining stuff here. And no, I’m excluding children’s cartoons here and focusing only on cartoons designed for adults.

Anime as a space is rooted in creating something new and unexpected while also providing a commentary on various themes, while western adult cartoon for the most part is only focused on a universe of exaggerated and obnoxious reality, rude jokes, sometimes childish designs and boring designs, and bold nudity! In fact, that’s how westerners try to separate adult cartoons from children cartoons. Get funny characters saying naughty words to make them stand out!

Westerners have this archaic idea that animation is for children and still retains that mindset to this day! Anime, on the other hand, does not treat it as such but instead acknowledges that it’s just another form of media that people might like to consume. It does not try to insult the viewer’s intelligence with its content. Anime dares to tell stories that no one else does, or can. Westerner leaves the serious stuff to live-action shows. Yes, Netflix is trying to expand its library with shows like Castlevania but there’s a lot of work to be done to really open the minds of people who otherwise will turn the other way at the mere mention of anime.

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