For years, we as the gamers have often wondered why Ubisoft games had suffered such a drastic decrease in quality! Turns out, it’s all because of man! That alone is infuriating from a creative perspective!

Of course, I’m aware of the allegations surrounding Serge, however, I will not be discussing that today! What I want to focus on is the influence that
Serge Hascoet over a lot of the games that Ubisoft had created! The fact that one man had the power to stagnate so many of these games is beyond disgusting! Often times we tend to blame an entire developer team for games that end up not trying to innovate, not knowing that it’s all the fault of one or two individuals! We often get tired of hearing about diversity in the workplace but seeing this reminds you why it’s often necessary to have a diverse set of leadership to ensure no one person ends up wielding too much power!

There’s no better case study to prove the fight for diversity is right than Serge Hascoet! We lost out on so many games, possibly a much better version of the Assassin’s Creed, Far cry and Watch Dogs and who knows what else, all because this guy had a massive grudge for linear stories. And if it’s happening Ubisoft, then there’s no telling who else is controlling the creative freedom of developers. So the next time you think a game has lost its touch, try not to blame the devs too much, it could be an out of touch leader’s fault!

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